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Scuba diving in Malvan is an ultimate adventure where you live each moment to the fullest. The waters of Malvan are warm, clear and full of diverse Marine Life, so your scuba diving in Malvan experience will be one to cherish. The sheer thrill of experiencing weightlessness under water while scuba diving will leave you asking for more. You need not worry about your safety as the equipment and methods used are state of the art. You will be given due training on reaching the diving spot and on using the scuba gear such as fins and the mouthpiece. Pack your bags for Malvan Scuba diving adventure and get set for an experience of a lifetime. 

Why to go

  • What better experience than diving into the sea with a view of clear water, underwater flora and fauna and beautiful corals?
  • Scuba Diving in Malvan is easier as there aren’t a lot of currents or waves in the sea so you dive in relatively calmer waters.
  • You needn’t worry about your safety while scuba diving in Malvan as the oxygen cylinder will be carried by your assisting diver who will be provided with a BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) in case of emergencies
  • These are tandem rides, so even non-swimmers can enjoy this activity
  • Get yourself clicked in the water along with the cool scuba gear and marine life, a great photo op

What to know

  • For Malvan scuba diving there is usally a wait time of 20-30 minutes before the dive as the gear is made ready for the diver 
  • Only if you’re comfortable, you should opt for the swim fins while scuba diving in Malvan as it may be an obstacle to you if you’re a non-swimmer
  • The scuba-diving instructors have undertaken extensive training and are very well-trained 
  • You can opt for some amazing pictures of yourself and a video of your experience while scuba diving in Malvan at a slightly extra cost.
  • You will be provided all safety gear and swimming costumes when you dive

Ideal for :
Bachelors, Couple, Family, Groups, Students, Expatriate, International Tourist
Difficulty Level :

About Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is an underwater activity where the diver uses an underwater breathing apparatus called SCUBA to breathe underwater and explore the ocean bed, corals and aquatic flora and fauna. Scuba diving is different from other modes of diving where the diver carries the source of oxygen along with him, in our case, along with the certified diver diving with you. This is safer than having you jump into the sea with an air pipe and having the oxygen source in the boat. Here, your life is safe in the hands of our experienced diver. A scuba diver moves underwater by wearing a fin apparatus. Wearing these fins can be avoided if you're not experienced and are diving with an experienced guide.

What to do

  • A Malvan scuba diving experience is exhilarating and a must-do for every sea lover
  • Opt for an amazing video or get yourself clicked underwater while scuba diving in Malvan with beautiful corals and variety of colorful fishes surrounding you
  • Enjoy different water sports nearby like Banana ride, speed boat ride, bumper ride, parasailing, sea kayaking, Dolphin safari, fishing, etc at affordable rates.
  • Explore the famous Shivaji Maharaja's Sindhudurg fort and other historical monuments around.
  • In the evenings you can chill and relax on the beach, and even opt for fishing or a romantic boat ride
  • Nothing beats a good old-fashioned walk on the beach
  • Treat yourself to mouthwatering coastal cuisine


Scuba Diving
Malvan Scuba Diving Tariff:- Rs. 1000/- per person

• Min - 02 Pax
• Max - 20 Pax
Note : Kid below 11 yrs is not allowed to take part and above 11 yrs will be treated as adult

Rs 750
1 Hr(s)

Session Timings

09:00 am

11:00 am

01:00 pm

03:00 pm

05:00 pm


  • Boating cost (Dandi Beach - to and fro)
  • Instructors& equipment charges. 


  • Photographs and video charges(INR 200/- per person)
  • Any other charges mentioned above.
  • Lunch, Snacks and other eateries. 

Cancellation Policy

  • 80% refund on cancellation done 2 days prior to the scheduled activity. No refund on cancellation after that. 


  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for water sports. Heavy clothes such as jeans are not advised
  • Carry spare swimming trunks, light towel if need be
  • Regular Sun Cap or Hat and Hand Towel
Mandatory items
  • Water (2 litres minimum)
  • One set of spare clothes
  • Rucksack - Pack all items in plastic bags before packing it in your backpack or rucksack. 
Optional items
  • Comb 
  • Camera
  • Snacks/ Biscuits, etc
  • Wearing Gold and other ornaments
  • Carrying large amounts of cash, credit and debit cards
  • Carrying many unnecessary items. 


Who should or should not do scuba diving in Malvan?
Above the age of 11, everybody is allowed to do scuba diving. We suggest that people with heart problems and high BP should avoid deep sea diving as it may lead to health complications.

Can I do Scuba as I am a first timer and do not know to swim?
First timers can absolutely do the activity. Swimming is not mandatory as you will have a certified experienced diver along with you.

What things are required to be carried?
Refer to the checklist. Do not forget to carry spare clothes.

Who will be leading the Malvan scuba diving activity?
We have certified trainers who are experienced in scuba diving, life saving, safety procedures and have a thorough knowledge of the terrain.

Can we dive together in a group?
At a time max 03 people can dive together if you want to experience this activity with your loved ones.

What other water sports can be done in Malvan?
You get to enjoy Scuba as well as all the other water sports like banana ride, speed boat, parasailing, etc at one single place and would not need to travel much for different activities.

Can we carry/drink alcohol on the activity?
It’s extremely dangerous to do scuba diving in an inebriated condition and it causes a nuisance to the trainers as well as the entire group. People found undertaking the activity in an inebriated state will be 

Will there be any changing facility available on boats?
Yes. One can change in the washroom available on the boat.

Map & Direction





Drive Time

Panjim: 110 Km, 2 Hr(s): 30 Min(s)
Pune: 386 Km, 8 Hr(s)
Mumbai: 486 Km, 10 Hr(s)
Kudal: 30 Km: 50 Min(s)
Kankavli: 50 Km, 1 Hr(s): 10 Min(s)


1. Follow Sion-Panvel Expy and Mumbai - Pune Expy to Pen-Khopoli Rd. Take the exit from Mumbai - Pune Expy
2. Follow Khopoli - Pali Rd to NH66 in Patansai
3. Turn left onto NH66
Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the left in 49.2 km)
4. Follow SH96 and MH SH 272 to NH66 in Khavati
5. Follow NH66 and Mumbai - Goa Rd to Kasal
6. Follow Malvan - Kasal Rd to Revtale Shala Marg in Revtale, Malvan

Getting There

Bus : Alight at Kudal or Kankavli and avail local transport to your destination on Revtale, Malvan. Take an auto rickshaw or bike to reach Chivala Beach to enjoy scuba diving in Malvan.

Train : Alight at Kudal or Kankavli and avail local transport to your destination on Revtale, Malvan

Air : Nearest airport is Goa Airport. Mumbai Airport is a long drive away.

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